Advertising and Sponsorship

Become a premium sponsor of Anthony Around Town and have your message seen hundreds of times each month by our local community and your customers!

Anthony Around Town has been viewed by over 5,000 people locally and in 21 countries around the world in the first six months of its existence (October 2017), simply as a “one post” per week hobby! Now, that we’re growing and expanding as an online content business, so will those numbers and so will your ability to reach potential clients. Traditional media (radio, newspapers etc.) are fantastic, but Anthony Around Town is one of the fastest growing independently owned content sources in the Elko area!

  • Website Sponsorship – 837 Visitors Per Month, Current Average

(Stats valid as of April 2018 – please email for updates)

For more details on how you can partner with Anthony Around Town, at very low rates, email

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