Our Purpose

Hello, good people of the Elko, NV area! My name is Anthony Crosby.

Everyone has a story. Even you! You may not think it’s very interesting or exciting, but you didn’t just wake up one day and end up where you are. Your entire life has been a journey of relationships, experiences, struggles, joys, and learning. Your story has shaped who you are. The stories of all the people in our area have shaped who our city is.

The goal of  Anthony Around Town is to share the stories and experiences of the people in our community with their neighbors. We want Elko to learn more about and grow in appreciation for the people who call this place home. Every Week, we’ll publish articles and videos on Elko locals. We’ll share stories and events from people in our town from all walks of life. Our conversations may be with a city representative, small business owner,  or it may be with a garbage man!

Thank you for checking out Anthony Around Town, Elko’s People Site. We hope you enjoy it, and we’ll see you around! 

Anthony Around Town is a proud member of the Elko Area Chamber of Commerce