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Victoria Jackson: V Hanging Heart Media

Greetings and salutations, neighbors of Elko, Nevada! Our first feature in the Fall of 2022 is a conversation with someone who has been working hard to keep something very important alive. We have Victoria Jackson of V Hanging Heart Media joining us this week! I (Anthony) am very excited about this one.

Through videos and books, Victoria and her family have been working hard to keep the dying Shoshone language alive. Victoria also uses her content to document the authentic lifestyles of the West. Yes, we have a prolific photographer and author joining us to discuss her work and why it’s so significant to many people, past and present.

I’m thankful Victoria took the time out of preparing for her latest book launch to meet with us! I know I learned so much through my time interviewing her, and I trust that many of you will, as well! So, let’s get into it!

You can order Victoria’s works here:

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