Anthony Interviews a Foreign Exchange Student from Norway

Greetings and salutations, neighbors of Elko, Nevada! This week, we’re sitting down with someone whose home is over 4,900 miles away! Yes, that’s right, we’re talking to someone from Norway! But our guest, Lasse, is not just somebody; he’s a high school student who came to the USA in order to get a taste of the American high school life!

What has Lasse’s experience been after attending Elko High School for the past ten months? What have been some of his biggest takeaways from American culture? What’s been the food he will miss most when he returns home? Did he happen to find some international love while he was studying abroad?

You’ll have to click on the video below to find out Lasse’s thoughts on all these questions, and more! I (Anthony Crosby) enjoyed talking with my new friend about his perspective on the old Red, White, and Blue!


Let’s get into it!

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Until next time, we’ll see you around, Elko!

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