Anthony Tries Furniture Painting- With Reine Mayes

Greetings and salutations, neighbors! Welcome to our first feature of 2022! What better way to kick off our new season of content than by getting artsy? In today’s video, we’re painting furniture!

I (Anthony Crosby) was, admittedly, a little nervous heading into this interview with our guest, Reine Mayes. Why? Well, not only had I not done one of these things in about a year, but I knew that we would be painting because Reine is a furniture artist! I don’t consider myself a fantastic artist by any stretch of the imagination, so I was a little anxious applying my lack of skills to a piece of wood!

However, Reine was an excellent coach who encouraged me in the fact that art isn’t about being perfect; it’s about being yourself! Because her demeanor was so positive, the entire experience ended up being more relaxing than anything else! Therefore, Reine and I were able to have a wonderful conversation about her story, ADHD, and what it looks like to find something you love while also being a parent and a spouse.

I was very thankful for my time with Reine, and I hope you enjoy watching the interview as much as I had making it!

Today’s guest:

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