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A New Friday, A New Premier Business

By Alina Croft (Instagram: lina_gail, Twitter: alina_croft)

This week, I spoke with Cenni Jimenez, a follower of Anthony Around Town, for about two years. Cenni founded his company Premier Services when he saw a need in the community that needed to be filled and took the time to tell me the company’s origin story so I could tell you all!

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A Venture On His Own

After working in the communications industry under other companies for years, Cenni decided to begin his own, Premier Services, with the thought behind it being based in his hometown and keeping that homegrown feel. 

“It’s going on two and a half years that I’ve had my own company. We’ve been progressing in the communications industry and commercial, industrial, and residential. We do anything from concrete work that would be sidewalks, driveways, large building foundations, to anything we can get our hands-on, more or less,” said Cenni. 

Premier Services grew quickly, creating opportunities for Cenni and his team to work with national companies on fulfilling their goals.

“We are spread across Northern Nevada right now doing 5G upgrades for AT&T. We also handle anything normal from an audit to a call out, like if cell phone service goes out at a site for T-Mobile, we handle anything from Fernley to the Utah border. All of I-80 we are in charge of,” said Cenni. “It can be busy at times where we have multiple outages in a single day to a couple of outages a week, but we’re definitely doing a ton of work with that.”

As a local company ourselves at AAT, we love to hear about other businesses that see the importance of supporting our community. Still, Cenni also balances this with statewide work and securing government contracts. 

“We have been progressing a lot in the government sector for communications. Different government agencies, whether that’s public safety, education, or also some larger contracts that are military type, have helped us grow larger,” said Cenni. 

Specifically In Elko

Cenni finds it really important to be close to his roots, being born and raised in Elko and now raising a family of his own here, so he made sure to secure work at home as well. 

“In Elko, where everything is based around the mines, we provide Bald Mountain with their main internet connection. We get it from the airport and then expand it out to multiple sites to reach out to Bald Mountain, which is approximately 60 to 80 miles from Elko,” said Cenni. “We do anything from engineering to designing, to power needs, utility needs. Basically, a turn-key type solution.” 

Cenni’s company doesn’t just do concrete work and communications; he has also expanded to make sure he can help the Elko community when it is in need. 

“We’re getting more into residential stuff, so that would be patios to concrete to sidewalks, to anything that a residential would need,” said Cenni. “This time of year is pretty crazy, especially with the snowfall because I’ve had one solid crew all winter long just clearing roads up to mountain tops or snow caddying up to mountain tops. That’s the stuff that we don’t normally do, but we do to help anybody that needs access into those areas.”

Some Hometown History

Cenni is very much a family man, his family being a huge motivation for his work and success in his business. 

“I have three kids, and my girlfriend has two, so in total, we have five kids together. Anytime that I am off of work or not doing my normal day-to-day operations with Premier Services, I’m trying to surround myself with all of them and doing the family thing,” said Cenni. “My whole family is based out of Elko, and so is my girlfriend’s family. Family is huge for us.”

In these times and any other, it’s imperative to remember what is most important.

“We’re trying to live life to the fullest. We do anything outdoors from shooting to snowmobiling, to traveling around, you name it, and we try to do as much as we can with our family.”  

Keep it Local

As is customary with my articles, we are ending with some thanks and advice Cenni would like the people of Elko to know.

“The smaller companies around town, the local businesses, definitely appreciate when people keep it local. When they hire local contractors and anything like that to where you can see the benefit come from Elko with those companies, it’s a lot easier to work with local and gets what people want,” said Cenni.

So my Anthony Around Town-er’s, think about shopping small, working with local contractors, and keeping your neighbors in mind when you need a job done going forward into this next week. Anthony and I (Intern Alina) know how much we appreciate our local followers and love to do anything to support and get the word out about other businesses in our hometown. 

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