Storytime with Jan Peterson (Elko History)

This week, Anthony is heading down to Elko’s Cowboy Arts & Gear Museum for a little storytime!

The museum’s director, and self-proclaimed history geek, Jan Peterson, will be sharing three in-depth stories about Elko’s past!

We’ll hear about a man who may have been visited by a ghost, the person who brought one of the first fly machines to the area, and what Elko’s first year as a town was like!

If you ever wanted to know about our town’s history, this is the video for you! Interesting things lie ahead, check it out, now!

Story Timestamps:

Hiram Chase- 5:20

G.S. Garcia- 15:30

Elko’s 1st Year- 26:07

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Until next time, we’ll see you around, Elko!

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