Where are the Best French Fries in Elko County? (The Fry Blog)

This blog is something fun that I (Anthony Crosby) have wanted to do for a while.

Here at AAT, we’re all about celebrating and highlighting the culture of Elko County. Therefore, we often spend a fair amount of time discussing its people and events. However, a big part of any culture is the food! Today, we’re going to be serving up a feature on one aspect of that food culture in particular- the French fry.

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We asked our community a straightforward question. Where in Elko County, can we get the best fries? Here’s what we heard!

Let’s start in the fast-food space.

This seems appropriate because this conversation came about from AAT’s own Mathew Raum, who had this to say about the McDonald’s in Battle Mountain, “they always seem like they have the freshest ingredients. Their food is always bomb!” That statement launched an entire dialogue about french fries amongst the AAT group.

We had a few people write in and suggest one of our Wendy’s for top fry. Anne Goicoechea specially mentioned how great their fries dipped in a Frosty are! That’s a popular trend that can be hit or miss with some people. Some feel as if that’s gimmicky, whereas others swear by it!

Of course, we can’t discuss fast-food fries without talking about the golden arch. Despite all of the other local options, several people insisted that McDonald’s is still the standard. According to Amy Carter, “McDonald’s fries are untouchable!”

Finally, we had a fair amount of people comment in with a vote for KFC’s new “secret recipe” fries. I tried these bad boys for myself this past weekend and found them to simply be, okay. However, to each their own! Stephanie Aguirre would definitely disagree with me, as she called the spuds “the best fries ever!”

Now it’s time to take a trip out west to Carlin and find out where we can get the best french fries in that town.

Ruth E. Miller Coltrin nominated Build a Burger. However, this nomination wasn’t for the best french fries but rather for the best tater tots around! I guess this brings up the debate as to what exactly classifies as a french fry. Would you put tater tots in that category? What about waffle fries or potato wedges?

Without question, the most submissions for best fries in Carlin was for Smashers. Tina Loveridge said that their garlic/parmesan cheese fries are particularly noteworthy. I’ve never been to Smashers before, but that just might have to change very soon!

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If you’re looking to drive over the summit for some potato goodness, then a couple of people recommended O’Carroll’s, out in Lamoille, as the go-to destination! However, to close things off, we’re going to stay in town and chat about who has the best french fries in Elko!

Surprisingly to me, Double Dice Bar and Grill received much praise for their spuds! Perhaps it’s because my first thought when I hear Double Dice is “RV Park.” But many of you have told me that their food is actually spot on! Natasha Todorovich said that their brew fries are “crunchy and addictive!”

We have some honorable mentions for Elko before we talk about the top two most recommended spots. Odeh’s Mediterranean Restaurant received a lot of love. Jack Prier said, “Odeh’s fries are the best in the world!” Luciano’s had much of praise for their fries. According to Amy Bailey, “They’re the absolute tastiest with the pesto seasoning!” Dreez and Toki Ona’s also had several people championing for them as well.

The spot with the second most amount of people nominating it was, of course, The Star Hotel. It’s The Star. It’s an Elko classic. We all love it. Here’s the thing about The Star, though; they don’t really do ranch there. Some people will kill someone over a cup of ranch. Some would say that it can help make or break a fry! So, I guess that also brings up another point of discussion, how important are condiments to your fry eating experience?

Finally, with the most shoutouts for their french fries, we had Mattie’s Taphouse and Grill! So many of you love some Mattie’s fries! Fresh cut fries. Home fries. Garlic fries. People seem to cherish them all. However, one type of fry from Mattie’s appeared to be a real fan favorite: their brew fry! Jennifer Keuchel Tervort said that “they are seasoned and cooked to perfection!”

Well, that was our little journey around Elko County to find out where the best french fries live! What spots should we have really considered; what did we miss? What food item should we look into next? Comment below and let us know! In the meantime, writing this feature did nothing but make me extremely hungry, so I’m going to find something salty to eat!

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Until next time, we’ll see you around, Elko!

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