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This week, we’re stopping by the fantastic home-based business, Two Bow Designs. Owned by Kassie Crotts and named about the fact that she’s the mother of two beautiful little daughters, this brand is all about bringing quality to design and printing work! Whether you’re looking for personalized home decor products, customized shirts, uniquely made masks, or a local business looking to print some cool swag, Kassie and Two Bows Designs can make it happen! 

AAT has spoken with Kassie and her husband Brandon before when they started selling custom wood signs out of their home! Here’s a snippet of their story from that conversation!

“Brandon was born and raised in Elko, and Kassie is originally from Las Vegas but moved to Elko with her family. Brandon’s hobbies included wood-based projects, and after making a few on their own, Kassie and Brandon decided that it’d be something that others might appreciate having in their homes, as well! Brandon served four years in the United States Marine Corps and did two tours in Afghanistan. The Crotts are both very patriotic and love our servicemen and women, as well as first our responders.” 

Over the past couple of years, their family business has grown and evolved into what many people have already come to know and appreciate today- Two Bow Designs! 

Thank you for joining us again, Kassie! It’s great to see that you’re still creating and selling quality goods even after all these months. How exactly did the wood sign business morph into Two Bow Designs? 

“I started selling things around two years ago. Brandon got burnt out with the wood designing, but I kept going and, eventually, got into shirts and things like that! I was still working outside of the house throughout that time, but in November of 2019, I stopped and came home full-time. That’s when I was able to really start taking on the business!”

What has your operation looked like this year as you continue to expand the brand, Kassie?

“We’re looking to grow our partnership with other local businesses! However, throughout the year, individuals have come to us for signs and designs for all the different holidays and family occasions that come up! I also work with realtors in town who want design pieces to act as closing gifts for their clients! I tried to get more involved with the wedding space this year, but, because of Covid-19, it just wasn’t able to the way I had planned.

“I enjoy making new products and designs that are all my own. I try to be innovative, come up with things that other similar businesses are not selling; that’s how I want to set myself apart.” 

AAT is all about supporting our local business owners, and we’re thankful that many of our neighbors are too! However, there are still some out there who may be quick to get their design and print work from an online site, rather than seeking out an Elko-based establishment like yours. What would you have to say to that reality? 

“Supporting small businesses is great. When it comes to my work, I touch every one of my products. I get to have pride in every one of my designs and items. Before I even start working on a product, I make sure my clients will be completely happy with what they’re going to be getting. For example, if someone buys a wood sign from me, I purchase the wood, cut it, sand it, stain it, all before I start the design on it. If someone orders something from a big online store, they may not get that kind of quality and care.”

Now, earlier, we emphasized the fact that you’re a home-based business. What has your experience has a mom, wife, and business owner been? How do you juggle wearing all those different hats? 

“I have my sisters and friends come in and help me sometimes, but for the most part, it’s just me! So, I have to stay up really late. I have a TV in my office so my kids (or husband) can watch it while I work. It’s a challenge. It’s hard to work with kids; it’s hard to work out of my house. When my husband is off, of course, I want to go hang out with him, but I’ll have fifteen orders I’ll need to get done. But somehow I balance it. There are days when I know that I’m not going to get much done because of life, and there are others when I’m working ten to twelve hours. It just depends on the day, and it’s definitely not always perfect!”

Wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time, even with all that you have going on under your roof, to chat with us, Kassie! Is there anything else you’d like to share about your work with Two Bow Designs before we let you get back to it? 

“I’m a local business and a local person that’s trying to help other locals and businesses the best she can! If I’m not able to give you a product that you’re one hundred percent happy with, I won’t do it. If I’m not capable of doing something, I’ll recommend you to someone who can. Quality is the big key!” 

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Until next time, we’ll see you around, Elko!

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