Beth Meza & Angela Sandoval: The Sandoval-Meza Real Estate Team (Keller Williams Group One)

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Realtors. Friends. Teammates. Any one of those words could describe Beth Meza and Angela Sandoval, the women behind The Sandoval-Meza team at Keller Williams Group One. Angela and Beth have been friends since 1997. After years of building a relationship with each other, being involved with each other’s families, and even vacationing together, they finally decided to become business partners and enter into the Elko area real estate scene! 

As a team, Angela and Beth bring a two-hundred percent effort to providing their Elko, Spring Creek, Wells, and Carlin clients with a hard-working and passionate service. 

We’ve talked and worked with several local realtors over the years here at AAT, but never a realtor-duo, so we’re excited to jump into our conversation to find out how their whole operation works!

Thank you so much for joining us this week, Beth and Angela! Now, as we mentioned, you two have been friends for over twenty years. What led to you deciding to add “real estate business partners” to your relationship’s resume? 

Angela– My daughter was a senior, and there was a twelve-year difference between her and my youngest daughter. So, I knew I was ready to start contributing to the family; I wanted to. Beth and I studied for a bit, and then we went for it! It took us two weeks to finish everything we needed to, and then that was it! We worked with Coldwell Banker for six months, out in Spring Creek, before Jesse James asked us to come on with her. That’s when our career took off!

Beth– I have five kids, and they were all very active in sports and traveling and all of that. Before we started in real estate, I worked for the state, and Angela was working for the county; it was the typical eight to five jobs. So, we started thinking about what would be best for our families and us. We had talked about maybe becoming hairdressers, but then we decided to go into real estate! It has changed our lives in so many ways because it is so valuable to change somebody else’s life. If someone is buying a home, they’re always buying for a reason. If they’re selling a home, it’s always an investment and an accomplishment for them. It’s a very purposeful work, and it is a challenge. However, we ourselves grow every single time we make a deal. It’s been very beneficial to our lives. At the end of the day, it’s all been worth it. 

How exactly does your partnership work? Break down your team dynamic for us, please! 

Beth– There are other real estate teams out there that work, but many of them don’t. Many of them will join up, and then, for good or bad, fizzle out. We get approached by people both locally and out of town, wanting to know how our partnership works. We tell people that we decided, from day one, that our friendship is more important than anything. That promise has never failed us. We’re involved with each other’s lives in every aspect, and we’re fifty-fifty in everything. We have a unique situation, and not everybody is as fortunate as us. 

Angela– We’re together all the time, so you’d think we’d be sick of each other, but we never are! I wouldn’t want to do this job without a partner. And, for our clients, to have two realtors of the price of one is amazing! 

With there being two of you, your insight into a real estate agent’s world is doubled! What are some significant aspects of the job that many people, who don’t work in the industry, may not realize? 

Angela– People may think this an easy job with a super flexible schedule. In reality, you’re working with other individuals, contracts, appraisals, and many other things behind the scenes that people don’t understand. It really is a full-time job because you want to make sure your clients have that warm feeling throughout the process. After all, that’s why they hired you. 

Beth– We are such control freaks, but many other factors go into closing a deal. And we have no control over what anybody else does, so at the end of the day, you have to be able to micromanage without being overbearing while also being a counselor to your clients when they need it. 

How is it working as a realtor, especially in the Elko area? What are your quick thoughts on the community and working with its other agents?

Angela– I love working with other local realtors here. We have some fantastic realtors in the area, and we all have great relationships. This helps make the transactions so much smoother. As far as the community goes, I’ve lived here for thirty-three years; I love Elko, and I wouldn’t want to do this job anyplace else! 

Wonderful! To close out our time today, please answer this question. If people were to hire you tomorrow to be their agents, what can they expect?

Angela– If you hire us, you’re going to get an amazing team who will always try their best. Our service will always be one hundred percent for everyone!

Beth– We’re honest, ethical, genuine, and sincere. This type of attitude comes from a love for our community, our families, and our clients…who turn into family! We sincerely love our careers! 

Beth and Angela– Teamwork makes the dream work!

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