The AAT Podcast: Episode 8 “Laramie Lake”

The AAT Podcast: Episode 8 “Laramie Lake”

In this episode, we’re joined by the super cool, Laramie Lake! Laramie is a gifted musician who has played for several Elko area bands in the past; however, he’s stopping by the studio this week to talk to us about his latest group, SKY DRFTR!

Not only are we going to spend some time getting to know Laramie, his new band, and some cool things that have coming up, we’re also going to put his creative talents to the test. Yes, that’s right; this week, we will be playing a little game called “Song on the Spot!” Laramie has to come up with a song, off the top of his head, using three random sentences provided by Anthony?

Will Laramie hit the right notes, or will he come off as flat? You’ll have to tune in to find out!


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