Anthony & His Daughters Speed Run Every Park in Elko

For the first time in AAT history, Anthony’s two little girls (Evaleigh & Maddox) are joining in on the fun!

Family is a big part of the Elko culture; many of our town’s residents are always on the hunt for fun things to do with their little ones. One sure-fire way to have a good time is by spending an afternoon at one of our city’s lovely public parks! Therefore, we wanted our local parks to be featured in this video! Which park, in particular, will we be spotlighting? Well, because they all have something great to offer, we couldn’t pick just one. So, we’re going to them all!

That’s right, Anthony and his daughters will be dropping in at every park in Elko to have some fun and hear the girls’ opinions on each stop. There’s only one little problem…they only have an hour to do so because the girls’ nap time is fast approaching!

Will they complete their quest by the time the clock runs out? You’ll have to watch to find out!

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See you around, Elko

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