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This week, we’re doing something significant. We’re taking the time to get into the spirit of gratification as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s right, this entire feature is about being thankful for being Elko area residents!

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How did the idea to spend an entire article being thankful come about, you ask? Well, I (Anthony Crosby) was strolling through Walmart one day when I was approached by one of my good friends, Richard Bochman. Long story short, Richard explained to me his idea for an AAT piece where members of our community could share their gratefulness for whatever they wanted. It was a spectacular idea that we ran with, and thus, The Richard Bochman Blog of Thankfulness was born!

What made you think of this concept, Richard? What do you want to share with the city about this whole notion of thankfulness?

“Everybody struggles, but some people just need to say thank you. I’ve been thinking for a while, the past two or three years, about how I wanted to do this. When I saw you in the store, I thought it would be great to do it for Thanksgiving.

“Our community should be thankful for the people here. Everybody here is important. The reality is, everybody here supports one another and supports what’s in Elko. Thank you, community, for all that you do, whether you’re a baby, a veteran, or ninety years old!

“My wife and I are thankful we have our house, jobs, God, and that we have been going on twenty-three years together.”

Over the past few weeks, we’ve asked residents of our town to share their answers to Richard’s call. We had many people write in responses, and we’re going to look at a few of them right now!

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Cheyenne Lee: “Hi, Anthony! I’m thankful for my lovely mom (Beth Holmes), who lives in Spring Creek. Although I currently live in California, she is always there for me. She works at Highland Village living community and has been an amazing foster mom to many kids. She has taken people in their time of need and has the biggest heart out of everyone I know you may get many replies, but if you could give her a shout out that would make my (and her) day!” 

Hi, Beth! Anthony Crosby here! We just wanted to pause and give you the shout out you seem to deserve! Thanks for all that you’re doing in the Spring Creek community. I can tell through Cheyenne’s words that you have a tremendous heart! We’re thankful for you, Beth!

Stephanie Garcia Santiago: “I’m thankful for my husband Julio Garcia, who helped me when I was all alone. He has done so much for us, starting with finally making us newlyweds. From there, he went out and bought us a house and a beautiful dog. He has a smile that could make any one’s day. He works hard and would do anything for anyone because he has a big heart. I don’t know anyone else that could do what he does. He’s always being positive, happy, blessing this world, and helping others.”

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Nay Merrill: “I lived in Elko for five years and recently moved back home to Texas, but I am so grateful for my time in Elko. I love the small town feel and how everyone comes together when there is a need in the community. I met a lot of amazing people who became very special to me and each of them has a place in my heart. I’m also grateful for the view of the mountains going over the summit- something I never got tired of seeing. Elko, you became my second home and I love you and miss you all very much.”  

Carla Schomer: “I’m thankful for Richard Bochman and his work ethics. What a shining light he is. If a person is willing to look, they can learn a lot from Richard. Thank you, Richard, for always doing your best and being dedicated to the customer service you provide!”

We agree with you, Carla, one hundred percent! Thank you, Richard, and happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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See you around, Elko!

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You can stay caught up on everything going on around here at AAT by checking out our “Stay Connected” page! Make sure you never miss a feature!

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Until next time, we’ll see you around, Elko!

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