Hannah Stugelmayer: Arbonne Consultant & Healthy Living Advocate

If it hasn’t been made evident by now, we love people here at AAT! We love hearing about their stories and passions for our community, but we also love hearing about what our fellow locals do and why they do it! For example, we have some wonderful neighbors who own/manager some fantastic local businesses and serve our town tremendously by doing so! This fact is why AAT has partnered up with our good friends at B3 Glass, to bring you all “Small Business Fridays!” Each week, we’ll feature a different, local small business and talk with its owner and hear about their journey, their business in general, as well as their heart for their customers and our city!

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Generally, when it comes to putting together these articles for AAT, I (Anthony Crosby) try to push myself as a member of the community by interviewing men and women I don’t already have close, personal relationships with. I want to meet new people and learn new things as I share our neighbors’ stories with you! However, when I feel strongly about what one of my friends has to offer our town, I can become excited to break away from this personal regulation; such is the case with today’s guest. We’ll be chatting with someone who has been a source of great support and encouragement to myself, so I know she may be able to offer the same to many of you!

Today, we’re joined by Hannah Stugelmayer. Along with being an amazing and dedicated mother to her three-year-old son, Ryder, Hannah also works as a front office executive for a local dental office. However, she’s here this week to talk with us about her business as an Arbonne (health and skin care network marketing) consultant. Hannah is someone who truly enjoys living a healthy/active lifestyle and helping others do the same; it would be hard pressed to think of many people with a bigger or more encouraging heart than hers. It’s apparent that she’s going to continue to find success in her desire to help people cultivate their confidence and health, so AAT is thankful for the opportunity to share her name with our readers!

Thank you for joining us, Hannah! First, how did you come to be an Elko/Spring Creek resident? Have you always lived around here?”

“I grew up in Morgan, Utah. My family and I moved to Elko in 2012 after my dad got a job at Great Basin College, teaching instrumentation. When we moved here, I was a junior in high school; I went to Spring Creek High School for a semester before finishing school online and graduating early.”

Hannah, you focus a lot on healthy living both personally and in your business, from where do you believe this passion came?

“My dad always took us to the gym when we (Hannah and her two siblings) were growing up. My parents started out feeding us junk foods like pizza or Ramen noodles, but then my dad got into cycling and biking, and my mom got into eating healthy. I think that’s where my interest in the health side of things came from.”

“After high school, I always seemed to be working at one of the local gyms, and I was always kind of working out; however, it wasn’t until I had Ryder when I started taking my health and fitness more seriously.”

Hannah, let’s talk about your Arbonne business for a second. For those who may not know, Arbonne specializes in the manufacture and distribution of an array of health and skincare products. Independant consultants, such as Hannah, help their clients determine which products are the best for them.  Hannah, how did you get involved with this company? What made you decided to step into this business?

“I got into Arbonne because I was doing a diet that cut out many allergenic foods such as dairy, on top of working out and taking my supplements. As I was becoming more health conscious through that, I learned a lot about US health standards and what is allowed to get by in our country when it comes to our food. So, I was looking for some good, plant-based protein powders and supplements for myself while wanting to be “clean” when it came to the things I put in my body; but there was still sketchy things and ingredients even in the plant-based products I found.”

“My friend had just signed up for Arbonne, so she began telling me about the things they offer and how it is a European based company. About a month before this conversation, a patient at my dental office explained to me how European standards for food are much higher than what we have here; for example, you can even go to a McDonald’s in London, and it will be completely different from an American one.”

“Everything came together for me after those conversations. I started Arbonne’s Healthy Living program; I really enjoyed it and liked everything they stood for. When it came to getting in the business side of it, I decided if I sold Arbonne, I wouldn’t have anything to lose. Worst case scenario, I would just get everything I was already using at a good discount, and best-case scenario, I could make some money at the same time!”

Hannah (far left) and her fellow Arbonne consultants

How would you respond to those who are shaking their fists at their screens right now, wondering why we’re talking about Arbonne, something they would consider a “pyramid scheme?” Many of our neighbors are turned off by these types of businesses; what would you say to them?

“When people first started talking to me about Arbonne, I would want them to stay away from me! I was absolutely not interested and was not going to do it. I was one of those people who would unfriend/unfollow someone who would be talking about network marketing on their social media. So, I get it. I think many people may not understand network marketing or have an older type of thinking about it. When it comes to a pyramid scheme, it’s the shape of a pyramid for a reason; there’s one person on top, and nobody else can get up there. Arbonne is different; the motto for our “higher up’s” is that they don’t stop until everybody is at the top!”

Hannah, what do you love most about your Arbonne business?

“I love the fact that, through the business, you get to serve and help people. You get to help and educate others on how to feel better about themselves because many people may not realize how big of an effect what we put in our bodies has even on our mental health. I also love being able to help build confidence in those who may struggle with their body image. I even love the business side of Arbonne because it can help give someone an extra income.”

As we previously mentioned, on top of being an Arbonne consultant, you’re first and foremost a mother! How would you encourage your fellow mommies out there who may feel like they don’t have the time to live a healthy lifestyle because they’re busy with their children?

“I would say, we have the time, and excuses can just become irrelevant. We may say we don’t have time to strive for healthy living because of our kids, but we’ll go home and do something like sit on our phones forever! For me, I use my lunch break for my gym time because I don’t want to take any other time away from being with my son. If it’s the weekend, I’ll still take him to the gym with me, and he’ll play in the kids’ club because I know that being happy, healthy, and living my best is what’s best for me as a mom to Ryder. I would love to see everyone in our community grow in living healthy lives so we can be healthy parents, not only for our own kids but for everyone’s kids. As they say, it takes an army to raise children!”

Wonderful! Is there anything else you’d like to share before we let you back to all the great things you’re doing?

“Arbonne doesn’t want me to sell products; they want me to solve problems. If someone has bad skin care needs, Arbonne can help. If someone is suffering from horrible headaches, Arbonne can help. If someone is struggling with different weight issues, Arbonne can help. If someone needs some extra money or desires time freedom, Arbonne’s business side can help with those. Again, we’re trying to help people. We’re trying to find out about people’s lives so we can serve them.” 

If your interested in learning more about Arbonne or have questions for Hannah, you can click HERE

Hannah and her son, Ryder

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