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In the middle of writing this article, I (Anthony Crosby) decided to take a break from typing by jumping over to Facebook to watch a video produced by today’s guest. The video was an installment of KRJC Crew’s weekly segment, “Tail Wagging Wednesday” where some of the crew go to our local animal shelter and give the spotlight to one special dog with the hopes of finding a home for the furry friend. This week’s star of the video was named Jitterbug, and she appeared very friendly and fun; furthermore, she seemed to like today’s featured individual! They say dogs can be a good judge of character, so if our guest is ok with Jitterbug then he’s ok with AAT!

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Today, we’re joined by Pedro Marin. You may know Pedro’s name and voice from the radio as he currently works as an on-air personality at 95.3 KRJC. You can catch Pedro on his show, Monday through Friday, 11 am-2 pm, or on the KRJC Crew Facebook page where he’s involved with many things around the community. Pedro is also the owner and operator of Marin Mobile DJ Services and Lighting where he often works with his wife, Shania, to help coordinate and bring enjoyment to different events! Pedro and Shania got married in 2017, and (at the time of this feature’s publication) they’re currently expecting their first child!

Thank you for joining us this week, Pedro! Before we hear a little bit about your different involvements around the area, can you please tell us how you got to where you are today?

“My parents immigrated here from Mexico in 1981 and had four kids. I was born and raised here in Elko, and I graduated from Elko High School in 2002. I played baseball all four years, wrestled for one year, played football for a year, and was involved in many of the school’s different clubs. My parents tried to keep us as involved in things as possible.

“I went to GBC for the first year after graduation while I tried finding a job. I ended up getting hired on at the Red Lion; my aunt was one of the managers there, and she was able to help get me a job. It was only supposed to be a part-time job, but I moved up fairly quickly. Therefore, I ended up staying in Elko a little bit longer than I intended as my plan was to move to Reno. I started as a cashier before becoming a waiter, a waiter trainer, a supervisor of the restaurant, the hotel supervisor, the supervisor of the Starbucks, and then the manager of the Starbucks. I met a lot of great people through those jobs.”

Pedro and Shania running a half marathon in Las Vegas

“I eventually left Red Lion. My dad and a lot of my family had worked for the railroad for years. They told me that if I was looking for a job, I should apply with them. I did, got hired on, and I worked there for three years. I loved it! At this time, I was also a high school baseball coach, so I would work nights (11 pm-7 am) at the railroads and then I would go pick up some of my players for morning workouts.

“Again, I loved my job at the railroad, but I got to a point where I had to ask myself if that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The answer was no, so I decided to save up a bunch of money and move to Reno. I wanted to finish college, and I always wanted to be involved in politics; I loved politics, and I understand it pretty well. The grand scheme was to move to Reno, finish school, get involved with all these political groups, move back to Elko and start doing a bunch of stuff.

“Plans don’t always go as planned. I moved there in October of 2009; in January of 2010 my friend, David, whom I was planning on doing all these amazing things to “take over the world” with, committed suicide. Also, I was unable to find a job in Reno to save my life, and I have no idea why. I would show up to interviews in a suit, with my resume in hand, and all I wanted to do was be a waiter. Nothing!”

Pedro and his friend, David

“I ended up getting a call from somebody telling me the radio company I work for now, here in Elko, was looking for a salesperson. I interviewed and was hired on the spot for that job, in 2010, and that’s how I got into radio. Radio was always something I had been in love with since I was a kid, and music has always been my thing! I got my own show with KRJC that same year after they asked me to announce an event.

“In 2011, I was asked to announce the Relay for Life event.  However, there was a miscommunication because I thought I was just announcing it, but the computer with all the music and speakers were dropped off with nobody to run them. The woman in charge of the event asked if I could announce and run the music, and I told her I would try! I did it, and by the end of it all, I had about five people coming up to me, asking if I did weddings and parties. I didn’t have any equipment at that time, but I told them to give me a call, and I would try and help. That’s how I started DJing!”

DJing Pedro

Pedro, what do you love most about being a radio personality and DJing events?

“I love my radio job because not only do I get paid to play music, which is great, but it opened the door for me to be able to help with different causes around town. Off the top of my head, I can’t even count how many organizations and causes I’ve been able to be involved with since I got into radio. I love DJing because I enjoy putting on a great event. I love being able to take a step back and see everyone having a great time! I’ve done over three-hundred and fifty weddings, and I still get nervous when it’s time for a couple’s’ first dance or moments like that because those are the most important moments in these peoples’ lives; I want to make sure everything goes right for them. My wife and I have even waited tables at a wedding because we want to go above and beyond so everyone can focus on having a great time!” 

It seems like you’ve always been a heavily involved person in our community, Pedro. I’m sure that’s not going to change anytime soon, so what’s next for you and your work?

“I do have a few opportunities for my business, moving forward, so I just have to decide what direction I want to take everything. When I was single, those kinds of decisions were not as stressful, but now I have a family I want to provide for. I have run for city council twice in the past. The last time I ran, I wanted to drop out because I had just lost my mom and my wife’s sister was murdered, and the trial for that was still ongoing. However, even if I did drop out, my name was still going to be on the ballot because it was too late in the process to take it off, so I just let it be. I lost that election by only twenty-seven votes, and I didn’t even try because I had a lot of other things to worry about at that time!  So, IF I do decide to run again, I’m going to run for mayor!”

Wow! Well, best of luck with to you and your growing family in the future! As we look to wrap up this conversation, what would you want somebody to know about you if this article is the first time they’re even hearing your name?

“I’ve always had the “if I can help, I will help” type of attitude, and I get that from my mom. As I mentioned, I lost her in 2016 to breast cancer; she fought it for about eight years.  She was amazing; she was at all of my events. I mention her because if she could give you the shirt off her back to help you, she would have. That’s how I am. If somebody gives me a call, needing help, and I’m available, they’re never going to hear a “no” from me.”

Pedro and his mother

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See you around, Elko!

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