April Harwart (Part 2): Nevada I.T.

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In the last publication of AAT, we were introduced to April Harwart. We heard her story of overcoming hardship and obstacles(Part 1); however, we didn’t finish her narrative. Today, we’re going to pick up right where we left off and find out how April went from working in the medical field in Reno to owning a technology business in Elko with her husband, Donald. 

The business I’m referring to is in fact, Nevada Integrity Technologies (Nevada I.T.) Nevada I.T. aims to help, inspire, educate and provide the community with high-quality technical support and even offers a computer recycling program to provide technology to non-profit organizations at no cost.

April, thank you for joining us again. Now, that I (Anthony Crosby) have setup briefly what Nevada I.T. is as a business, can you tell us how it came to be? The last time we spoke with you, you had just graduated from a radiology program in Reno.

“Yes, I was a single mom, living in Reno with four kids. I was radiology technologist at a clinic. One day Donald (April’s Husband) came in because he needed hand x-rays. I took his x-rays, and we started chatting. However, he had been in a hard relationship and was standoffish about dating again. I could sense that, so I was the one who actually asked him for his number. This was crazy for me because I had been single for eight years before meeting him; I was focusing on school. I would have never asked anybody for their number! He and I dated, and I knew after our second date that I wanted to marry him.”

“Donald was working for Newmont when he injured his shoulder. After that, he decided he wanted to pursue his dream of having his own business. I told him I’d support him one hundred and ten percent if that’s what he wanted! We were sitting on the couch one night, talking about what to name the business. I brought up “Nevada Integrity” because that’s what he’s all about. In December of 2014, he paid for his business license for Nevada Integrity Technologies (Nevada I.T.).”

“We started working out of our house, in Spring Creek, in 2015. We worked hard at marketing and networking for computer repairs; however, he started getting a lot of requests for phone repairs. It was easy for him to know how to do them, but he’s got such big hands (as a big guy) that we decided it would be easier if I took over doing the work on the phones while he focused on computers. So, I hired a consultant from Seattle, Washington to come down to revamp my department, while giving me all the training needed to give me the technology experience and education to do my work correctly.”

The technology business is very different from the medical field, April. Do you ever think you’ll ever get back into working in medical?

“I love the medical field. I want to go back; however, when I was working in nursing in Reno, I had a patient fall on my lower back. In the past two years, I’ve had five major, lower-spine surgeries. They were all while I was still helping my husband build the business and going to school to get my bachelor’s in managing technology. At one point, I was in so much pain I couldn’t stand up. However, I wanted to keep my department at Nevada I.T. open because we already don’t have a lot of resources here in Elko. If a community member can’t find someone to repair their phone here, they have to drive out of town; for many people, that’s not an option. I came in, despite my medical situation, for the community and my husband because I care.”

April as our time together comes to a close, what do you want the community to know about you, Donald, and Nevada I.T. if anyone is considering giving you their business?

“We’re a Christian business, and we stand behind our values. We have not taken out one loan on the business. We believed from the very beginning that if God wanted us to have this business, He would provide, and He has every step of the way.”

“We’re not beneath anybody, and we’re not better than anybody. We care about people, and we care about this community. We want to give back to this community, and we are here to stay.”

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See you around, Elko!

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