AAT Follow Up: Troy Bullock

Sometimes, it’s nice to check-in with some of the past individuals we’ve spoken with here at AAT, especially the immensely talented ones because you never know where they are going to be in life after a little bit of time! Today, we’re going to catch up with our friend, Troy Bullock. If you don’t know him, Troy is a country music artist on the rise, and we had to pleasure of speaking with him back in Spring of 2018 about his story, his heart for other artists in the community, and goals for his music. You can read our first article with him, here. Now, what’s Troy been up to since our last chat; the short answer is, a lot!

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Since last Spring, Troy has been able to form his own production company where he can produce his music and even music videos. Troy is also gearing up for his countrywide tour with country music singer and pianist, Ronnie Milsap. Troy will kick off his tour, this Spring, with a show at the historic Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee at the end of March. Furthermore, Troy also has a new album coming out in just a couple short months.

Troy, congratulations on all the success you’ve had since we last spoke! Let’s talk about the album because we discussed your work with it the last time AAT interviewed you. Where are you with it, and did we leave out anything major when it comes to your 2018 accomplishments? “I’m in the editing, mixing, and mastering phase of the album, now. The first single is going to drop February 15th, and it’s going to change the world! The actual album will be available for download only, March 15th. Physical, hard copies of the album will be out in April. These eight tracks really are twenty-two years in the making. “

It sounds like you’ve been a busy man, Troy! “So many things have happened, and I’m just here for the ride! When God has a plan for your life, and you agree to be the vessel, the sky’s the limit. Everyday, something falls into my lap.”

That’s an interesting statement, Troy. Can you elaborate and give us a few examples of what you mean when you say that?

“First, I’ll tell you how I met my current business investor. Back in 2014, I did a show in Sandpoint, Idaho (Troy’s hometown). It was a special show because it was the first time I had returned home to play in about twenty years. The theater was packed; they sold out in two weeks. Five minutes before the show started, a tractor-trailer hit a light pole, and it knocked the power out of the city. I didn’t have my PA, my lighting, or electric guitars. It was raining heavily. I didn’t want to do the show, but it turned out that God’s plan for it was a little better than what I had envisioned. He walked me out on the stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar, and I sang my ass off; it was unreal. In 2017, a woman, who was in that crowd contacted me because she noticed that I was still doing things while looking for an investor. She asked what she could do. I gave her the full rundown; I didn’t pull any punches. A year and a half after that, we inked a deal!”

“Another example happened not too long ago. I’m was sitting on a bus in front of Angel Stadium (Anaheim, California). I started cutting up and making jokes with the ladies next to me. I mentioned to one of them that I was getting set to go on tour with Ronnie Milsap this year. It turned out; this lady had been good friends with Ronnie since they were like twelve! She owns Strike TV, and Ronnie had been a part of her foundation for years. I had no idea whom I was talking to. She was waiting on one of her friends before she got onto my bus. If her friend had been on time, she would have gotten on the bus ahead of mine! Now, we get to work with her and an outlet that reaches thousands of homes across the country. It’s mind-blowing!”

“This last story I’ll share is pretty wild. Our friend Elaine Cassell (you can learn more about Elaine here) was at Stockman’s Casino one night, and she’s talking about country music and how it may be dying in our area. A gentleman from a couple of booths down came over and started talking to her. Elaine told me I needed to meet him, and he ended up scheduling lunch with me. I walked in, saw him and couldn’t believe it. In 2007, I opened for Kenny Chesney in Madison, Wisconsin; this was the guy who was managing him! I ended up running into him in Elko of all places! He lives in Idaho now, but he was here looking for his next project. We started talking, I showed him a couple of songs, and he told me I was going to change the world! Now, Kenny Chesney’s last manager is taking over my tour!”

Those were some mind-blowing stories, Troy! Thank you for sharing; it sounds like you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing! Is there anything you want to say to the community of Elko as you get set to go on a tour where even more people, from all over the world, are about to know your name? “It all happened here, in Elko. Elko allowed me to keep a roof over my head and get my truck paid off while I was working on the details of all of this; Elko did that for me.  I want the musical people in town, especially, to know that you don’t need the big city to do it anymore. Most of my songs for this album, I wrote while driving a truck back and forwarth at the Cortez Mine! I promise you; you can make it; I’m living proof that you can. Let God guide you, and then run with it!”

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See you around, Elko!

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