Angela Conley: Empowerer and Encourager

Over the past year, AAT has talked with dozens of Elko area residents who have called our town, home, for various amounts of time. Some people we have spoken with have only lived in our community for a few years, and some were born and raised here as multigenerational Elkoians. Whatever their duration, it’s been wonderful to hear the perspectives of different individuals from unrelated backgrounds as we have asked them to share their hearts for our community. We have listened to a lot of wisdom, truth, love, and excitement from people when the topic of living in Elko is brought up. With all of that said, today’s guest’s thoughts on Elko is going to be quite fascinating to hear as our highlighted individual has only lived in the city for three weeks (at the time of this article’s publication)!  However, sometimes it’s good to hear from someone with a fresh pair of eyes on things as we may be able to take in a new perspective on the things we see and live in every day. Let’s meet our guest and see what she has to say!


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Today’s featured individual is Angela Conley. Angela and her husband Jamil are the power couple behind BEME Enterprises. Jamil is the man running an up and coming TV streaming service called “BEME TV,” and Angela, as a sales director with Financial Education Services, is a tax professional who offers tax advantage workshops for those looking to find assistance when it comes to money-saving services for themselves and their business. Angela is also the host of a Facebook Live talk show called “Passion and Hustle,” which looks to encourage its viewers to succeed as entrepreneurs and professionals with tips, special guests, and words of wisdom.

Angela, thank you for joining us! Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself and your husband so we Elko folks can get to know you a bit and give you a proper welcome to town? “My husband is a machinist; he picks up contracts. Once we became empty nesters, he told me his job would pretty much pay for us to live anywhere we wanted; they just wanted him to come to work! I didn’t believe it at first, but he was telling the truth! We’ve been to Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, New York, Georgia, Tennessee, and now we’re in Nevada! Here in Elko, I’m looking to bring my free tax and credit workshop; if I were McDonald’s, my Big Mac would be taxes! I’ve been doing that for twenty years, and I specialize in business owners and educating them so they can bring back bring back more of their money to build their business. I also have my online talk show I want to bring to Elko as well to spotlight local entrepreneurs who are especially looking to do business all over the country because the people who tune in come from across the world! We have some other good topics we discuss throughout the show as well; it’s fun!”

It sounds like you and your husband are very proactive people who are building a solid name for yourselves. Before we talk about how you’re going to do that in your new home of Elko, Nevada, let’s find out a little more about where you get your drive! Why are you so passionate about your businesses and work? “I’m passionate because I believe in what BEME stands for (Blessing Everyone Means Everything). I believe we all have a purpose in making it all better! My mission has always been to empower and encourage. I started off young working at the YMCA’s, helping the younger kids with things like homework. I’ve been a waitress, mortgage broker, real estate broker and helped develop and run a family preservation program in Indiana for their prison systems. I feel like I’m the person who can encourage and motivate others to come out and succeed.”

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Whom would you say has been your most significant influence when it comes to living with your kind of work ethic? “A lot of my influences started young. My parents raised me to go to school, get an education, and a good job. My dad was a radio personality; he was a very strong activist for the civil rights movement in the Chicago/Indiana area. He started the first African American film school, bookstore, and job training program. My parents died when I was in my teens, so I went to go live with my grandmother.  My grandmother has been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. She has never worked for anyone; she’s always owned her own business. She couldn’t read or write growing up as she was born in the twenties in Tennessee where education for blacks at that time wasn’t valued. I could go back as far as fourth grade remembering working with her in her restaurant; I would run the cash register and write down what we were out of. Nobody ever knew she couldn’t read or write because she memorized her recipes and cooked so well.  My grandmother would be my biggest influencer; she’s still living!”

Great, Angela! Thank you! Now, it’s time for the big question everyone has been waiting for. You have lived in Elko for just under a month, now; what are your thoughts? As someone who has lived around the country, could you see yourself finding opportunity and success here? “I like the town! I think it has great potential and for a business owner, it’s perfect! There’s a welcoming business culture here and plenty of space for small businesses to expand. There’s also a lot of room for growth here; there’s plenty of services you’d find in big cities that are not even here, yet which is great because I believe in being a trailblazer; you go where there is not a trail, and you make one! There is absolutely opportunity in this town, especially when the cultural diversity is embraced. That is the biggest thing I’m hoping to help with is empowering the cultural diversity for the sake of the social-economic growth.”

Excellent; that’s a good analysis, Angela! Before we let you go, what would you want your new neighbors to keep in mind if one of them were to come up to you looking for help in finding their success? ” It (success) doesn’t have a time or age limit on it, but you have to start doing it now! Hopefully, by me being in town, I can empower and encourage you. We’re here to help you and help you grow your business; you may be in business for yourself, but you’re not by yourself!”

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See you around, Elko!

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