Brian Diehl and The Nine Hole Health Plan

When it comes to living a fit and healthy lifestyle, two core principals must be observed: eat correctly and stay active. Now, how someone chooses explicitly to accomplish these two cornerstones of health may vary from person to person. We’ve even talked to a couple of different people here at AAT who approach things differently. We’ve spoken with a gym owner; we’ve chatted with a Beachbody coach. Heck, clever marketing would tell you that you can cut inches off your waist by taking a trip to your local fast food sandwich shop and helping yourself to a sub! I’m sure the effectiveness of living by that type of diet could be called into question by many of our nutritionist friends out there; nonetheless, today’s featured individual isn’t looking to accomplish his health goals by pumping iron or taking a class, instead, he’s getting fit by hitting the fairways!

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Today, we’re joined by Brian Diehl! Brian’s story has recently included managing his health by doing something he loves, playing golf!  Furthermore, as Brian enjoys his past time, he’s taking on his own “9 Hole Health Plan.” What does this health plan look like, exactly? Brian lives this out, in addition to improving his eating habits, by carrying a 45 lb. golf bag, balls, clubs, water, and walking anywhere between five and ten miles each round he plays, and by doing so, he has lost over twenty pounds in just a few months! Brian, you’ve used something you love to help you improve the quality of your life; that’s fantastic! From where did this love for golf come?  “When it comes to playing golf, I started by playing a couple of times when I was a kid, but when you get old, you develop interests in other hobbies. However, in 2000, I was working as a sports writer and photographer at our newspaper (Elko Daily Free Press), so I bought a set of clubs at Big 5. I then got a job as a sales rep for a camera company in the Bay Area, so I took my clubs out to California, and that’s when you could say I started playing with some modicum of regularity. The seed was planted. I had some interest then, but my interest in the game developed throughout the years. Four years ago, I moved back here to Elko, from Indianapolis working as a photographer, to help my mom take care of my dad, who had cancer. I wanted to have something in my life that would take me away from some of the drama and the burden of that; golf was the perfect solution. So, I bought a pass (to Ruby View Golf Course), and I could come out anytime I wanted and played as much as I wanted.”


Great! Now, could you explain how your enjoyment of the game eventually evolved into your 9 Hole Health Plan? “In May, I realized I was not sleeping well. Over the Winter, I gained weight to the point where I weighed the most I ever had in my life. I was really frustrated and disappointed in the fact I had created this “mess.” I started looking for a solution. I went to a doctor; I did sleep studies. I realized that I was the one who created this situation for myself, and I wondered if I could uncreate it! I made a choice and asked myself what I could do.  I knew if I stopped eating much sugar, it would be way better! I drink tons of water, eat veggies at least once a day, and consume almost no alcohol.  I also knew if I simply did what I loved, played golf, I’d get a lot of miles in. I got a fit bit to monitor my sleep and exercise, and I think I’ll soon be at five hundred miles walked, since May! I also have these videos with exercises designed to increase metabolism. There have been some wins through this whole experience. I’ve lost weight, I’m healthier, and I’ve improved my golf game! When you’re overweight, it can be easy to lose your first five to ten pounds. Your second set of ten pounds can take a little more time to lose. I’m at the point where I’ll lose a pound a week now.”

That’s very encouraging stuff, Brian. Lastly, what would you say to someone who is in the same spot you were back in May, someone who wants to improve their health but may not know where/how to start? “Determine what your intention is. What do you want to create? There’s [day one], or there’s [one day I’ll start]. You must have enough requirement of yourself to actually want to begin something; you have to be dissatisfied with your situation enough to change your lifestyle and then find a way. Look for an answer and make it matter. Some people go to a gym, my way is a little different, but it’s still my gym! If someone is looking for encouragement, I would love to talk to them. If there’s someone that has played before, likes to play, and is looking for a partner to play some golf with, I’d be happy to do a lap with them; I have a couple of friends I like to play with, and I would like to have a couple more.”


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See you on the course, Elko!

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  1. Thanks Anthony, I appreciate your story. People can find me on facebook if they want to chat about golf or motivation 🙂 Cheers!

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