Callie & Jason Bogue: Owners of B3 Glass

Elko is a beautiful town. It’s a place full of exciting things to do and breathtaking things to see. It’s also home to some fantastic people, people with a lot of different skills, accomplishments, and dreams. Furthermore, some of these individuals have chosen to follow through with said dreams and open a small business so that others in the community can share in their passions. However, despite what some may think, starting and cultivating a small business is not easy for many. It involves a lot of late nights, early mornings, stress, money and more. There is so much that goes into the day to day of a business owner. Today, we’re going to explore and, hopefully, provide some insight on this topic with a married couple who are doing the work from the ground up!

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Jason and Callie Bogue are the husband and wife owners and operators of B3 Glass LLC. It was a pleasure being able to sit down and hear a little bit about their story, but it was interesting hearing their perspectives on owning a small business.

The voice of the people who frequent our local small businesses can be pretty loud, so it was nice hearing the voice of the people on the other side of the counter if you will. So, let’s get to know them, now!

“Both sides of our family were born and raised here in Elko; our company team is made up of third and fourth generation Elkoians. Growing up here, we had known each other as kids, through mutual family and friends our family cabins at Gold Creek.

“Callie went off to college in Twin Falls and then used their distance program to finish her bachelors in agricultural business at the University of Idaho. When Callie moved back to Elko after college, we got reacquainted through some mutual friends. We started our business in 2015 (The June before our wedding in August), so we’re three years young and growing. We run the business as a married couple and are honored to have Jason’s dad as part of our team with over forty years of experience in the glazing industry.

“Jason grew up in a background of construction and glass, as well as agriculture; his stepfather’s family has a ranch. At seventeen, Jason started working for his stepdad doing construction as well as glass work with his own dad. He really got started in the industry at an early age truly enjoys the trade and diversity it has; he loves it!”


Great! That’s a nice little look into your past. Now, what are you two working through as you look to take your business into the future?

“Well, we would love to grow and build even more in our county. Many people don’t realize we also do siding and seamless gutters, but a lot of people don’t even realize we own a company! People may still know us as the kid’s everyone grew up around, so that’s something we’ve been working on for ourselves. We are steadily growing, making us excited for the future of our business. We want to get more involved with community events and the community because we are a young company.”

What do you love most about running B3 Glass? From where does your encouragement as business owners come?

“We really do love to help people invest in their properties. We do residential and commercial projects. Jason and his dad have high standards for quality of work they provide, knowing the windows, shower doors, mirrors, siding, seamless gutters will be seen daily by our customers. These things will be part of the memories they are making with their families and friends.

“The biggest compliments on our work come from customer referrals because the customer’s love for a job well done can spread quickly in Elko to friends and family. When it comes to building small business reputations, Jason wanted to make sure we provide the best customer service by having very open and honest communication about all options and what we do with every estimate. We take an honest assessment of each job and discuss all the options for each estimate. We do both cosmetic upgrades and repairs with solutions for any budget.”


Ok, Bogues. Now, there’s a million other towns and cities in the world of which you could have chosen to establish a business and raise a family. However, you are Elko business owners. Besides just the fact that you both grew up here, why do you choose to work in this community?

“We’ve loved watching Elko grow and build into what it is today. We love walking down the street and see people we’ve grown up with. We love meeting new people and welcoming them into our community. We love the “small town” feel of Elko, so we believe that supporting people as they grow, other local small businesses, and providing quality to our all of our customers helps with the community too.

“We also love building up and supporting the kids’ programs in our town; they’re going to shape the next generation of leaders for all of these businesses created here.”

Is good to know we have business owners who love our town so much! As we wrap up our conversation, what’s one more important thing our readers need to know about the good people over at B3 Glass?

“The pride, integrity, and trust that we put into our work are important to us. We want our customers to feel and know that. We base our whole business off of those three things.”

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B3 Glass believes in supporting local small businesses, such as Anthony Around Town! Give them a call, today!

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