Important Anthony Around Town Update: Its Future and You!

Hello! First off, for those of you who may not know me or be familiar with my work, my name is Anthony Crosby! Let me share a couple of things about myself to help us get better acquainted. Number one, I love popcorn; grind it up, stick it in an IV and let it coast right into my veins if you have to. Love the stuff. Number two, it’s really important to me that the stories and experiences of the people who call the Elko area home get shared with their neighbors!


To my second aforementioned love, this why I started Anthony Around Town back in October of 2017. You can go back and read the full story here but I truly do love our town and its residents. And over the past several months of meeting/talking with individuals, I’ve noticed two things. The first being that learning more about the people in our area is a powerful thing for both the sharing individual and for the community! I’ve seen so much encouragement and love come from the readers of these posts. I’ve seen community leaders and talents realize and remember things about themselves that they haven’t stopped to think about it years. I’ve seen tears. I’ve heard a lot of laughs. I have seen the love for our town come out as a twinkle in people’s eyes as they talk about our city. This stuff matters. The second thing I’ve noticed is that many of YOU believe this matters too! Since our first publication, back in October, and as of April 2018, we’ve had just a hair over 4,500 of you stop by to check AAT out and read our content about 7,000 times! And not just locally, people from at least fourteen other countries have joined in as well! Thank you to everyone who has helped make up this number! I have been truly blown away!

So, with all of that, why exactly have I brought you here today? It’s simple. Elko, Spring Creek, Carlin, Wells etc. I believe in what is going on here. I believe it’s important for our town to stay connected, encouraged, informed and reminded of our history as locals, and I believe it’s important for people to remember that who they are matters. I believe this with all of my heart. And I believe only the surface has been scratched with what AAT can become. Check out the website “Humans of New York” some time…yeah, imagine an Elko County version of that! Imagine Elko having its own content platform that’s about our people and for our people! Imagine having an event you want to get out or if you wanted the word about something important spread to the rest of the community, but you wanted a more personal/engaging touch to your announcement compared to some other ways of spreading information; AAT could be your place! Imagine local business owners having another “people-centric platform” to advertise in a friendly way (Keep in mind the statistics I shared before come from posts coming once a week. What if AAT could produce multiple pieces of content a week)? What if AAT could expand outside of written content and expand into podcasts and/or videos? The potential for all of this to turn into Elko’s next great media platform is great. And look, I’m just a guy with internet access and a chair to sit on, but I truly do believe in what this could be…and I want to go all in with you!

“Ok, ok! I get it Anthony; you have the passion! I can see some vision,” you may be saying to yourself right now, “but what can I do to get involved with this?” Good question Mr./Ms. kind reader! This first thing you can do is support AAT by keeping it in your mind, prayers, and continuing to check out the content! You can join our email list here so you never miss a feature! It’s quick and easy to sign up!

And, as I said…I’m all in so here it goes, the big thing you can do to support AAT is to help us get off the ground financially! This may be a surprise to some, but basically starting a new media business costs money! I am working hard at my current jobs and have sold some of my own, personal goodies to get some of this off the ground; however, to do things like cover business start-up fees, improve the site, free me up time-wise to work on some things and put some more content together, help spread the word etc. I need/want to come to you, my fellow community member(s), and ask you for help. And I’m not ashamed because I know I’m not the only one who sees the value of what Anthony Around Town is and could grow to be. If you would like to support financially, you can do so by following this link  I set the base goal amount at $1000 but any amount we receive I’ll be thankful for and the more that comes in, the more we can do!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really hope, together, we can turn Anthony Around Town into something special for our community. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I’ll see you around, Elko!

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