Jessie Bahr: President of Spring Creek Association

One of the many great things about doing Anthony Around Town is that, hopefully, you the reader have an opportunity to hear the story of a different member of your peers every week. That’s always a lot of fun! Moreover, I also love giving you all a chance to get to know a little bit more about my (Anthony Crosby) story throughout the growth of this blog because I not only have a desire for you to read my work every week but to get to know the guy behind the keyboard more personally as well. Which, hopefully, will heighten your enjoyment of these pieces.

With that being said, as some of you may know, Elko has become my adopted home over the last seven or so years. When I moved to this town during the Summer of 2011, my entire life could (and did) fit into my tiny red Lanos Daweoo car. I had relationships here before making the trek but no immediate family or anything of that nature. Fast forward a couple of months after coming over from Reno, I needed a place to live as I was looking to get established. Now, this may not be the safest way to go about doing this I admit, but I hoped on Rudy Want Ads and found a couple with a room to rent in their Spring Creek house. I had never met this couple before, but within what felt like a day, I was sleeping under their roof. Honestly, I cannot for the life of me remember the name of that couple, but I enjoyed my time with them. They were kind, generous, and practically played a significant role in where I am today. So, to the wonderful couple I’m referring to if you’re reading this… thank you for opening up your home to a random kid from Reno for a couple of months. Spending time living with you was my first real experience with the town of Spring Creek. Although I live “in town” now, I really enjoyed/enjoy my time out there. I mean the view you all have out there can’t be beat! I love you, Spring Creek! Also, I know our guest this week does as well.

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This week, our featured resident is Jessie Bahr, president of the Spring Creek Association. Now, if you’ve been following Anthony Around Town over the last several months, then you know we keep things real around here. Traditionally, when these types of interviews take place, the person of the week will meet with me, for about an hour or so, over coffee or something of that nature. However, this week just seemed to be full of scheduling conflicts (all on my end), so this just wasn’t able to happen. I was still able to hear Jessie’s excellent story and heart for her community. I didn’t want to miss what she had to say, and I don’t want you to either!

So, with our time with Jessie, we’re going to cover three big things: who, how, and heart. Who is Jessie Bahr? How did she get to where she is? What is her heart behind what she does? I’m excited for you all to hear from her; let’s get started!

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Jessie Bahr. Who are you?

Currently, I serve as the President of the Spring Creek Association. I have lived in the Association since 2013, and I saw a need for positive change and decided I want to help make Spring Creek a better place for all. I took over operations of the SCA in 2016 and have been working hard to fix many issues the community has been facing for years including water issues, roads, updating amenities, internet etc. There are many areas that we can grow as we move towards operational excellence and sustainability. We are aware of some issues we have faced since the early 80’s, and these will take time to fix, so we appreciate the positive communication and patience of the residents in Spring Creek.

Spring Creek is a growing community, almost 15,000 residents and master planned for many more. There is a large development across from the Highschool slated for 4,000 additional homes. I look forward to helping the SCA Board bring resources to the residents including commercial businesses, reliable internet, affordable water rates, updated amenities, and a solid infrastructure as we work over the next few years. It is very rewarding coming to the office each day knowing you are there to make a real difference in the lives of the residents, to the place my family and I call home.  Without the support of a solid board, community and the staff team who make up the SCA, we would not be nearly as far as we are. It takes a tremendous amount of resolve, patience, and determination to be successful in the positions the staff team fills, and I truly am grateful for them coming to the office each day with a smiling face.


How did you get where you are today, Jessie?

Well, I’m from the East Coast. I grew up living between New Jersey and Pennsylvania (so yes, if you have heard me speak I say “water” like “wooder”). My father was a mechanic in Jersey and mother worked three jobs to keep my brother, sister and I together. I realized at a very young age that I had to do well and make a living for myself if I wanted to make a real difference. My mother taught me how to be independent and that anything was possible with determination. As a single mother of 3 who also worked three jobs,  I figured I had better listen to her advice. I went to college, played field hockey, and graduated with honors with a chemistry degree. I was very involved in non-profits and giving back at a young age. I started working in the community development field out of college and really enjoyed bringing resources, organizations, and collaborations together for the greater good. I was coached and mentored in my early years by many great CEO’s who taught me key skills which have made me successful today. I moved from the East Coast in 2012 and moved to Elko County in 2013. I met my now husband Rusty, who is the CEO at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Elko (Anthony Note: maybe we’ll hear from him in a future blog) and moved here to help make Elko County a great place to live for all. We have three wonderful younger children and three older children who are out of the house; you could say we are a busy family!  We are avid supporters of many community organizations including child advocates, soccer clubs like Northern Nevada Youth Soccer Association and SC United and our church Ruby Mountain Bible Church.


Photo Credit: Heather Tierney

What is your heart for Spring Creek and its people? What does the area mean to you?

Spring Creek is home. Home to a diverse set of residents and values just over the hill. Coming from a large area where you’d jump on eight-lane freeways every day, you come to appreciate the richness of humanity coexisting here at the base of the Ruby Mountains. We appreciate the small community feeling where “everybody knows your name” or knows whom to call if you need something. Each day I have unexpected and fascinating conversations which I enjoy.

The reason I pursued the vacant position with SCA began with the fact that I am a property owner. I had frustrations like many have had and still have, regarding the roads, amenities and other items. I believe that the best avenue to make change is getting involved, stepping up and using your time and talents to make positive I applied and accepted the offer of the board. Spring Creek is my home and where my family, friends, and neighbors reside. This is not a job for me; this is a mission. A mission to make Spring Creek an amazing place to live and thrive for all.  Spring Creek faces many obstacles, but if we stick together as a community, for the greater good, we will be able to overcome our obstacles and challenges. We have tremendous potential and, with the board, staff, and communities’ help, we can continue to make positive changes for good. It will take time and patience from all parties, but the vision is set; we just need to execute it!

Photo Credit: Heather Tierney


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See you around, Spring Creek!




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