Cammie Bochman: Taco Time Employee of Over Twenty Years

I (Anthony Crosby) would like to share a little fun fact that I promise will tie back in with today’s feature. My first official job, at the ripe old age of sixteen, was working at the only Taco Time in the Reno area. The restaurant was in a random Shell gas station on the Northern outskirts of the “biggest little city.” However, as you can see on this restaurant location map from the Taco Time website, that franchise is no longer in operation, and there are currently no Taco Time locations in that part of Nevada.


After about a year of working there, that branch of the fast-food chain was shut down due to some teenage hi-jinks and poor management (a story for another time). Yes, I was there the last day Reno ever had a Taco Time. So, Elko, we should consider ourselves lucky we have our establishment, especially with employees like Cammie Bochman working there.

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At the time of this feature (November 2017), Cammie has been with her employer, Taco Time, for over twenty-four years! In the time Cammie has been with Taco Time time she has seen ten iPhones launches, four different presidents in office, the extinction of the West African black rhinoceros, and the Chicago Cubs win the World Series for the first time in one hundred and eight years.

Cammie, you’ve been a constant for many people in this community; that much is true. However, for those who may not know it, can you please share the story of how your two decade Taco Time residence came to be?

“I have a seizure disorder, and because of this, I was in special-ed all of my life. People never thought I would make it. Throughout school, this continued. Some people told me I’d be a “vegetable” all of my life, but look at me now!”

“I grew up in Utah, but I moved to Elko in 1988, when I was around thirteen years old. My mom got a job at the mines (Barrick Gold), and my father also worked there. In 1991, I graduated from Carlin High School and then worked at Ruby Mountain Resource Center for a couple of years before finally heading to Taco Time. When I started at Taco Time it was kind of scary, but I’ve learned a lot since 1993 (her start date), and I love it. There are some days you just don’t want to go in, but that’s how jobs are.”

A couple of years later, Cammie married her husband Richard and are going strong after twenty-two years!


Again, twenty-four years is a long time. Do you still enjoy going into work every day, Cammie?

“I love working! I get to meet new people every time I work. Mostly, I just meet people passing through, but I love getting to meet new people! Sometimes the money gets a little out of hand, but that’s just part of the job. I haven’t had a seizure in five years thanks to medicine!”

That’s good stuff! Cammie, when you’re not rolling up burritos, what do you enjoy doing on your spare time? “Well, even though we need another alley, Richard and I like to go bowling. We like going to the movies, out to eat or just hanging out with our two dogs. Also, we enjoy going to our church every Sunday!”

Cammie, let’s wrap up our time together by having you answer two more questions for us.

Question one, what do you want people to know about you above anything else? “I’m happy! I’m always cheerful!”

Question two, what would you say to someone who is growing up with a learning/mental disability and is being told he/she won’t be able to measure up and be successful? ” Just be yourself, keep working hard, and try your best! That’s what I did growing up with my disability and look at me now!”


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See you around, Elko!

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  1. I have lived in Elko most of my life and Cammie has been at Taco Time for as long as I can remember, you always see her smiling face and happy attitude whenever you go there or see her around town. It doesn’t matter who you are, she’s never not smiling and she doesn’t know a stranger, everyone gets a “HI”!

  2. I love Cammie! She was an amazing co-worker and support for my mom during her time at Taco Time. She will always be a great friend:)

  3. Cammie always has a smile on her face. One can’t help but smile when they see her as she she’s so cheerful and has such a good attitude in life. Happy to read her story.

  4. Cammie and Richard are great people and it’s always nice to see them when we are around town. They are always so happy and full of joy.

  5. Cammie is always upbeat and positive when we see her. She is genuine and makes sure to ask how my family is even though she is busy at work. I’m so happy to see her featured as she is a true joy to our community and we need more bright, cheery positive people like her in our establishments around town.

  6. She’s the sweetest I remember being just about 4 years old and always talking to her there and she has always been the sweetest person to work there! I always look forward to seeing her when I go in or through the drive thru 🙃

  7. Cammie is one of the sweetest people I know. She is a real people person. Always caring, friendly and happy. She has a way of making each person she comes into contact with, feel extra special! The world needs more people like Cammie and Richard.

  8. Cammie and Richard are both wonderful people my daughters grew up with both of these fine people, Wal-Mart and taco bell were always great fun when these two were my grandchildren get to be around them there awesome .

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