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Ah, Elko. The Sunshine city. No, that’s not right…

Ah, Elko. The city the never sleeps. Nope.

Ah, Elko. So nice, they named it twice! Umm….

Ok, well, maybe Elko Nevada doesn’t have a cute little identifier like some towns…but you can bet your daddy’s muddy work boots that this city is still one very unique place.


My name is Anthony Crosby. I’m married to my beautiful wife, Emily, and have three equally as beautiful daughters (Sawyer, Evaleigh, and Maddox). I moved from Reno to Elko around 6 and a half years ago to help start Living Stones Church (on the corner of 5th and Silver st.) I had a great time over the years working there but decided recently to step out of my position and slow things down a little bit. However, I was able to learn two really big things about myself through my time on staff. 1. I really love this city! 2. I really love its people! “I was easily able to live out my heart for those two things working as a pastor all day long, but how could I keep being intentional with Elko while working in a different field?” I recently started asking myself.

I’ve always loved writing. When I was young, my dream was to write scripts for television and movies. I would be the black Quentin Tarantino! Needless to say, that didn’t exactly pan out, but my love of putting words to the invisible thoughts racing around in my head has always been there. “How could I use these skills and passion all the way up in Elko?” I wondered. Well, through some lurking around on Facebook, I saw that our local newspaper, The Elko Daily Freepress, was looking to hire a reporter. I really didn’t have any experience in journalism prior, but I figured I’d get ahold of the editor and see what writing for them would look like. “Heck, writing is writing.” I figured. We talked and I started doing some freelance work and would submit it to them for publication. I could write about current events or traditional news topics but my main focus turned into doing profiles on people in our town (their businesses and experiences) and sharing those stories with the paper. The response from the readers was very positive. And you know what? I loved it! (Links to some of those newspaper features can be found at the bottom of this blog page). 

Writing about the people in our town! What a great way for me to roll my love for writing, people, and the city of Elko all into one! Thus, Anthony Around Town was born!

You see, everyone has a story. Even you! You may not think it’s very interesting or exciting, but you didn’t just wake up one day and end up where you are. Your whole life has been a journey of relationships, experiences, struggles, joys, and learning. Your story has shaped who you are. The stories of all the people in my area have shaped who my city is. The goal of  Anthony Around Town is to share the stories and experiences of the people in our community with the people in our community. I want Elko to learn more about and grow in appreciation for the people who call this place home. Every Friday, we’ll publish a profile on someone(s) locally. We’ll share stories from people in our town from all walks of life. One week, it may be a city representative or small business owner the next it may be a garbage man. Everyone’s story matters. Maybe we’ll feature your grandma, your mail woman, or even you!

We’re excited to learn about the people in the Elko area. Make sure to check back here every Friday for the latest blog and follow Anthony Around Town on Social Media, so you never miss out!

If you are interested in sharing your story with our readers, please email We’d love to talk with you!

And remember, Everyone has a story! What’s yours?

We’ll see you around.


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